Christella hispidula

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Christella hispidula


Asia-Tropical: Malaya present, Caroline Islands present, Ceylon present, Khasya Hills present, S. India present, tropical America present, wetter parts of tropical Africa present
Tropical America and wetter parts of tropical Africa; Ceylon&S. India; Khasya Hills southwards to Malaya; throughout Malesia: Caroline Islands.


Plants from Florida, Ascension Island, Ghana, Nigeria, Ceylon and Sarawak have proved to be diploid. For cytotaxonomic studies involving this species, see Panigrahi & Manton 1955 (under Cyclosorus repandulus).
Only synonyms based on Malesian specimens are cited above; see Holttum 1976 for a fuller synonymy. The latest information on plants in tropical America is by , under the name Thelypteris quadrangularis (Fee) Schelpe. Christella siamensis (Tagawa & K. Iwats.) Holttum, in Thailand and further north, differs only in less deeply lobed pinnae, and a distinction from T. hispidula seems doubtful; study of plants in cultivation is desirable.


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