Tinospora sumatrana

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Tinospora sumatrana


Woody climber, entirely glabrous. Leaves:


Asia-Tropical, Billiton I present, Lampong Distr present, S. Sumatra present
Malesia: S. Sumatra (Lampong Distr.), Billiton I.; 2 coll.


This species is very closely related to T. macrocarpa from Malaya, with which it shares its major distinctive features. The inner and outer sepals, however, are subequal in T. sumatrana, and on this basis the two species are regarded as distinct.
T. sumatrana var. hanadae YAMAMOTO, J. Soc. Trop. Agric. 16 (1944) 94. The type (Sarawak, Kuching, HANADA B015) has not been traced: the status of this varietal name based on a sterile specimen must remain uncertain.


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