Dendrophthoe longituba

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Dendrophthoe longituba


Glabrous except for young shoots, inflorescences and flowers ochrous- to rusty- tomentose, the indumentum persisting on the inflorescence and ovary and usually on the leaf undersurface. Leaves scattered, subopposite or subverticillate; lamina ovate, 9-30 by (3.5—)6—16 cm, truncate to cordate at the base to a slender petiole 15-35 mm long, acuminate and acute at the apex, thin, dull on both sides but darker above; venation pinnate with the midrib and the incurved main laterals distinct above and prominent below. Inflorescencess at the nodes and sometimes on the epicortical runners, a 10- to 20-flow- ered raceme (or spike); axis 30-60 mm long; pedicels (0-)0.5-1.5 mm long; bracts narrow, acute, longer than the ovary.


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present, Mindanao present
Malesia: Borneo, Philippines (Mindanao).


Closely related to Dendrophthoe incarnata from Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra, and to D. praelonga from Java, differing from both in more slender flowers with finely acute anthers.