Fimbristylis gracilenta

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Fimbristylis gracilenta


Annual with fibrous roots. Leaves somewhat shorter to longer than the stems, filiform, involute, abruptly acuminate, soft-hairy also on the sheaths, ½-1½ mm wide; Inflorescence compound, very loose, with several to many spikelets, narrow, 3-10 cm long. Stamens 1(-2);


Asia-Tropical: Thailand (Thailand present), Bila present, N. Sumatra present, Rantau Parapat present, S. China present, between Aek Bila and Aek Marbau present
S. China, Thailand, Indo-China; in Malesia: N. Sumatra (between Aek Bila and Aek Marbau; Rantau Parapat, Bila).


The rays and raylets of the inflorescence are generally pilose, a rare feature in Fimbristylis; in var. psilopoda , only known from NE. Thailand, they are glabrous.
In a collection from Central Thailand (SMITINAND 6084) the upper glumes of the spikelets are regularly 2-ranked.
See also the note under 57. F. perlaxa.


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