Nageia sect. Nageia

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Nageia sect. Nageia


Erect shrubs or trees, 1-48 m tall. Bark smooth, on trees peeling in large thin irregular shaped plates with scattered lenticels. Leaves with many parallel vascular bundles (one of which is medial) converging towards the acute to acuminate apex, more or less elliptic but juvenile leaves very acuminate and adult leaves sometimes more or less blunt, distichous, amphistomatic with equal basal twists (or hypostomatic with opposite basal twists), narrowed to a short broad petiole. Seed smooth, nearly spherical but elongated on the micropylar end into a small asymmetrical beak.


Asia-Tropical: Bangladesh (Bangladesh present), New Britain present, Southern India present, Southern Japan present, southern China present
There are 5 spp. from southern India and Bangladesh across Indochina and Malesia to New Britain and through southern China to southern Japan; in Malesia 3 spp. .


Sterile specimens often confused with Agathis with very similar leaves, but in Agathis the parallel vascular bundles do not markedly converge towards the leaf apex and the terminal bud is globular, not acute, but very blunt-rounded.
The key to the three species is inadequate for identification of sterile material, but the leaf-size and length of the petiole may be helpful, though sizes overlap.


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