Passiflora sumatrana

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Passiflora sumatrana


Climber 5-15 (?) m, glabrous to glabrescent. Leaves spirally arranged, thinly coriaceous, glabrous, ovate-elliptic, mostly ± semi-orbicular, apex truncate to 3-lobed, mostly 1-2 mm mucro-nate, rarely acutish, base rounded to broadly cordate, 6-12 by 5-13 cm, sub-5-plinerved and with 1-2 pairs of smaller nerves higher up, ascending or straight, the upper two main nerves ending in the lobes, reticulation distinct; Stipules linear, ½(-1) mm. Inflorescences sessile with a central tendril, the two lateral main branches up to 8 mm stalked, 2-14-flowered; Flowers glabrous, 3-4 cm ø; Sepals lanceolate, 13-15 by 4-6 mm, with a minute subapical horn or wart c. ½ mm. Petals lanceolate, 10-13 by 3 mm. Ovary sessile, ellipsoid, glabrous, c. 4 by 1½ mm; Fruits c. 1-4 per inflorescence, subglobose to ellipsoid, (2-)2½ by 2 cm, glabrous; Seeds c. 60, obovate, c. 4½ by 3 by 1½ mm, 6-8 pits per ø.


Asia-Tropical, Tapanuli present, West Central Sumatra present, West Coast Res present
Malesia: West Central Sumatra (Tapanuli, West Coast Res.). .


The species is closely related to P. assa-mica CHAKRAVARTY, P. burmanica CHAKRAVARTY, P. wilsoni HEMSLEY, P. jugorum W. W. SMITH and P. celata CUSSET from continental SE. Asia.


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