Fimbristylis fimbristyloides

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Fimbristylis fimbristyloides


Dwarf annual with fibrous roots. Leaves much shorter than the stems, strongly falcate in the same direction (to the right or to the left), flat, abruptly acuminate, apiculate, antrorsely spinulose- scabrid on the margins, (1-)2 mm wide; Inflorescence simple or subcompound, loose, with 3-10 spikelets, up to 4 cm long. Stamens (1-)2(-3);


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present; Sulawesi (Sulawesi present), Australasia: Queensland (Queensland present), Burma present, E. Thailand present, Flores present, Kangean Arch present, Lesser Sunda Is present, Madura present, N. Borneo present, N. Sumatra present, Ryu Kyu Is present, S. China present, S. Korea present, W. and Central Java present, tropical Australia present
Burma, E. Thailand, S. China, Ryu Kyu Is., S. Korea, tropical Australia (Queensland); in Malesia: N. Sumatra, W. and Central Java, Madura, Kangean Arch., Lesser Sunda Is. (Flores), N. Borneo, Celebes, New Guinea.


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