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Shrubs to trees, only plants with one sex observed, but probably monoecious (Radcliffe-Smith 2001). Leaves alternate, simple; Stipules early caducous, minute. Inflorescences axillary fascicles, either with groups of staminate flowers or 1 or 2 pistillate flowers; Flowers pedicellate, actinomorphic, petals lacking, cream to white. Fruits capsular, dehiscing septicidally and (partly) loculicidally, brown; Seeds bean-like but triangular in transverse section, exotesta shiny, smooth, without fleshy layer or appendages.


Lae and Morobe Subprovince endemic, Morobe Province endemic, Papua New Guinea endemic
Monotypic, endemic in Papua New Guinea, Morobe Province (Lae and Morobe Subprovince).


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