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Shrubs to trees, only plants with one sex observed, but probably monoecious (Radcliffe-Smith 2001). Leaves alternate, simple; Stipules early caducous, minute. Inflorescences axillary fascicles, either with groups of staminate flowers or 1 or 2 pistillate flowers; Flowers pedicellate, actinomorphic, petals lacking, cream to white. Fruits capsular, dehiscing septicidally and (partly) loculicidally, brown; Seeds bean-like but triangular in transverse section, exotesta shiny, smooth, without fleshy layer or appendages.


Lae and Morobe Subprovince: endemic Morobe Province: endemic Papua New Guinea: endemic
Monotypic, endemic in Papua New Guinea, Morobe Province (Lae and Morobe Subprovince).


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