Fimbristylis scaberrima

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Fimbristylis scaberrima


Glabrous perennial with short, woody rhizome. Leaves somewhat shorter than the stems, rather rigid, flat, gradually narrowed to the abruptly acuminate apex, with scabrous, somewhat incurved margins, glaucous, 3-5 mm wide; Inflorescence decompound, rather dense, with numerous spikelets, 5-10 cm long and wide. Stamens 3;


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present; Cambodia (Cambodia present); India present; Sumatera (Sumatera present), Bantam present, Res. Djambi present, Sylhet present, W. Borneo present, W. Java present, W. Kutei present, near Lake Sipin present
Insufficiently known, much rarer than F. dura. India (Sylhet), Indo-China (Cambodia), in Malesia: Sumatra (Res. Djambi: near Lake Sipin), W. Java (Bantam), Borneo (W. Borneo and W. Kutei).


This species, according to CLARKE, 1898, endemic in Sylhet and probably once collected, is apparently not rare in Borneo, where it was first collected by TEYSMANN; it is much rarer in Sumatra and Java.
NEES, who restricted Fimbristylis to the species with bifid style and lenticular nuts, placed F. scaberrima in that genus, not in Trichelostylis (with trifid style and trigonous nuts). But already CLARKE pointed to its relationship with the trigynous F. complanata. It is still closer to F. dura, so that it cannot be placed in different genera.


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