Pyrrosia piloselloides

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Pyrrosia piloselloides


Stellate hairs monomorphic, forming a sparse mat, hyaline, the rays acicular.


Asia-Tropical, Northeast India to Hainan present
Northeast India to Hainan. Throughout Malesia.




2. In the past the present species was often confused with P. heterophylla, a very similar species confined to southern India and Sri Lanka. It may also be confused with Lemmaphyllum carnosum and Pyrrosia nummularifolia, which share the characteristic habit and have a similar habitat. 1 One of the most common epiphytes of the Malesian lowlands. The ap-pressed, sterile fronds of newly settled plants form characteristic, two-rowed series of ‘buttons’ on otherwise bare tree bark. Older plants may completely overgrow entire trees, with sometimes fatal effects.


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