Carex horsfieldii

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Carex horsfieldii


Leaves herbaceous, subbasal and a few higher on the stem, exceeding the stems, linear, long-attenuate, flat or with revolute margins, greyish-glaucescent, scabrid on the margins in the upper part, 5-15 mm wide. Inflorescence a pale, decompound, erect, much interrupted, 20-40 cm long panicle;


Annam present, Asia-Tropical: Maluku (Maluku present); New Guinea present; Thailand (Thailand present), Australasia: Queensland (Queensland present), Burma present, West to East Java present
Burma, Thailand, Annam (var. annamica Raym.), Queensland (C. fleckeri Nelmes); in Malesia: West to East Java, Moluccas, New Guinea.


C. horsfieldii var. major Nelmes, from Tanimbar Is., P. Jamdena ("utricles 5.2-5.8 mm long, straight or slightly recurved, beak 2.5- 2.8 mm long"), was based on a young, very poor collection.
Kukenthal and others misapplied the name C. horsfieldii to the Javan plants of C. commixta Steud., while C. horsfieldii itself has often been misidentified as C. indica L., from which species it chiefly differs in the shorter 3 part of the spikelets, and the strongly recurved, distinctly trigonous, not inflated, less densely nerved utricles.


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