Utricularia muelleri

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Utricularia muelleri


Aquatic. Inflorescence erect, 4-15 cm long, peduncle filiform, terete with a whorl of 4-6 spongy floats approximately midway, floats ellipsoid, 10-20 mm long, shortly stipitate, with capillary foliar segments at the apex and laterally and more numerous at the base; Ovary globose, style distinct, stigma lower lip quadrate, reflexed, upper lip very short, emarginate. Capsule globose, 3-4 mm long, circumscissile. Seeds few, thinly lenticular, 1.5-2 mm ø including a distinct narrow hyaline wing, testa thin with small conspicuous reticulation.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Australasia: Northern Territory (Northern Territory present); Queensland (Queensland present), N. Australia present, Papua present
N. Australia (Northern Territory and Queensland) and Malesia: New Guinea (Papua).


U. muelleri is superficially very similar to the more widespread U. stellaris L.f. which occurs from tropical Africa to Indo-China and reappears in northern Australia, but is apparently absent from Malesia. For differences see the key to the species.