Stegnogramma pozoi var. petiolata

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Stegnogramma pozoi var. petiolata


Asia-Tropical: Jawa (Jawa present), Ceylon present
Ceylon; in Malesia: Java.


The plants of Java and Ceylon here included are closely related to S. pozoi, the type of which was collected in northern Spain. Similar plants found in Madeira are tetraploid (Manton). The latter differ from var. petiolata (diploid) in having all pinnae except the lowest adnate to the rachis, hairs on lower surfaces, confined to costae and costules, uniformly 1 mm long, and basal sori not extending to the bases of veins. Plants named S. pozoi occur throughout Africa; they are variable and no chromosome counts have been made. Blume's type has pinnae to 4.0 x 1.3 cm, and all pinnae above the basal ones are adnate; Backer & Posthumus report plants with fronds to 50 x 25 cm but I have not seen any so large.
Prof. Ching (in lit.) informs me that the type of Leptogramma petiolata bears the collector's name Wall, which he interpreted as Wallich, but it was surely G. Wall, who collected ferns in Ceylon, not Wallich.


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