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Leaves pinnate. Plants dioecious or flowers hermaphrodite. Staminal tube complete, nearly always cylindrical, lobed or not; anthers nearly always within throat. Fruit nearly always a loculicidal capsule. Seed with an aril or sarcotesta, without endosperm; cotyledons plano-convex, collateral or superposed, rarely oblique.


Africa present, Indomalesia and western Pacific present, tropical America present, tropical Australia present
Nine genera, pantropical. Two genera restricted to tropical America (Cabralea A. Juss., Ruagea Karst.), two to Africa (Heckeldora Pierre, Turraeanthus Baill.), three to Indomalesia and western Pacific (Anthocarapa, Chisocheton, Dysoxylum), one to tropical Australia (Synoum A. Juss.). Guarea L. is a genus of 40 species of tropical America and Africa and is closely allied to the two large genera of Indomalesia, Dysoxylum and Chisocheton, together making the core of this tribe, the other genera being monotypic or oligotypic satellites.