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Shrub or generally tree. Leaves spiral, entire, penninerved. Flowers bisexual, arranged in lax cymes to elongate panicles, these 1-3 in foliate or defoliate axils, or from older branches resp. from trunk. Sepals (3-)4-5, connate to a cup in the lower, free (and not imbricate) in the upper half. Petals (4-)5, free, valvate, tip inflexed, villous inside, reflexed in anthesis, early caducous. Stamens 5; Ovary ovoid, tapering to a thick-filiform style; Seed 1, large;


E. Malesia present, Melanesia present, Micronesia present
Monotypic, scattered over Micronesia, Melanesia, and E. Malesia. .


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