Myristica wenzelii

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Myristica wenzelii


Tree 10-15 m. Leaves ± membranous or chartaceous, oblong-oblanceolate, ± gradually narrowed to the narrowly rounded or cuneate base, apex acute, (20-)25-40 by 7-12 cm; Inflorescences between the leaves, of the Knema-type: Fruits solitary, ellipsoid, base and apex rounded, (5-)6-6.5 by 3-4.5 cm, hairs conspicuous, dense, bright rusty, 1-1.5 mm;


Asia-Tropical, Leyte present, Mindanao present, S Philippines present, Samar present
Malesia: S Philippines (Samar, Leyte, Mindanao).


2 Myristica wenzelii may be confused with M. philippensis; both species have a stout habit; the latter with a pedunculate paniculate inflorescence, and the leaves glabrescent below. 1 Flowers and fruits approach those of M. fatua, but M. wenzelii is distinguishable by its stout habit, thick twigs with pale bark, large leaves with broad midrib, with 30-35 pairs of lateral nerves. The lower leaf surface has a persistent felt-like indumentum, resembling that of M. fatua s. s., but it is paler and shorter, with hairs only 0.1 mm long. Mature male flowering specimens are not known.


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