Ochrosia apoensis

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Ochrosia apoensis


Tree, 10-21 m high. Leaves in whorls of 3 or 4, coriaceous when dried; Inflorescence 1.5-3.5 cm long, axillary cymes, in whorls of 2 or 3, loose; Flowers 7-10 on each inflorescence. Sepals suborbicular to orbicular, apex blunt, thin, rather transparent. Stamens inserted at 3.5 mm below the mouth, 0.5 of the length of the corolla tube; Fruit composed of 2 separate mericarps; Seeds 1 at either placenta.


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), Luzon present, Mindanao present
Malesia: Philippines (Mindanao, Luzon).


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