Myristica cagayanensis

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Myristica cagayanensis


Tree 8-20 m. Leaves coriaceous, (obovate-)oblong, 9-20 by 3.5-7.5 cm, base (short-)cuneate, apex acute or ± blunt; Inflorescences among the leaves or below, of the Knema-typc; Fruits single or 2 per infructescence, broadly ellipsoid to nearly globose, 3-4 by 2.5-4 cm, hairs dense, rust-coloured, mealy, 0.1-0.2 mm;


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), Cagayan Prov present, Lanyu & Lutao Is present, Luzon present, Southern tip of Taiwan mainland present, islands in the extreme north present
Southern tip of Taiwan mainland, and Lanyu & Lutao Is.; Malesia: Philippines (islands in the extreme north, and Luzon: Cagayan Prov.).


Sinclair (1. c.) included this species as a variety of his broad concept of M. ceylanica, which is according to him a species distributed in Sri Lanka as well as in the Philippines. Myristica cagayanensis resembles M. ceylanica s. s., but the latter differs in the more slender twigs lacking lenticels, less coriaceous leaves, androphore glabrous at base, and ellipsoid fruits with short-haired indumentum.


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