Cyperus scariosus

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Cyperus scariosus


Perennial with creeping rhizome; Leaves few, up to 3, very short, rarely half as long as the stems, weak, gradually acuminate, scaberulous at the triquetrous top, ½-12 cm by c. 2 mm; Inflorescence small, simple, usually thrown to one side by the erect lowermost bract, with short rays or reduced to a single spike, 2-5 cm long and wide. Stamens 3;


Asia-Tropical, Bengal present, Central Distr present, Farther India present, Kairuku Subdistr present, Papua present, South coast of W. New Guinea present, tropical Australia present
From Bengal and Farther India to tropical Australia; in Malesia: South coast of W. New Guinea; Papua: Central Distr., Kairuku Subdistr.


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