Podocarpus sect. Foliolatus

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Podocarpus sect. Foliolatus


Leaves mostly with more or less parallel sides and mostly acute, only in a few cases acuminate; Seed with its covering 7-12 mm long by 5-8 mm diam., in most species more particularly 9-10 mm long and 6-7 mm diam., globular, apex mostly blunt.


Asia-Tropical: Sumatera (Sumatera present), Nepal present, Pacific: Fiji (Fiji present); Tonga (Tonga presentpresent), Solomon Islands present, entire Asian-Pacific wet tropical forest zone present
From Nepal throughout Malesia to the Solomon Islands, Fiji and Tonga 10 spp. The range is greatly dominated by the impressive, wide distribution of P. neriifolius, the most widespread species of the genus, which covers virtually the entire Asian-Pacific wet tropical forest zone. The one highland species, P. rubens, is also widely distributed, otherwise the species are more local but combine to form a nearly continuous slightly overlapping series from Sumatra to Tonga. All but 2 spp. lie within Malesia.


Sect. Foliolatus consists of a group of closely related species which lack the specialized characteristics which distinguish each of the remaining sections of the genus.