Alyxia minutiflora

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Alyxia minutiflora


Climber. Branchlets terete or weakly angled, sparsely lenticellate, glabrous or sparsely and minutely puberulent. Leaves in whorls of 4 or 5; Inflorescence axillary, with several clear internodes and unbranched side branches, delicate, densely and minutely puberulent, 1.1-1.6 cm long; Sepals ovate, c. 0.6 by 0.6 mm, 1 times as long as wide, apex acute, ciliate, densely puberulent all over outside. Stamens inserted at 1.4-1.7 mm from corolla base which is c. 0.6 of tube length; Ovaries 0.4-0.5 mm high, densely pubescent all over; Fruit unknown.


Asia-Tropical: Sulawesi (Sulawesi present)
Malesia: Sulawesi.