Trigonopleura dubia

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Trigonopleura dubia


Trees, up to 25 m high, dbh up to 90 cm; Bark: Leaves descending; Stipules obovate, c. 7 by 2.5 mm. Flowers 5-7 by 4-8 mm diam., odourless, ascending. Fruits 1.4-1.6 by 1.5-1.7 cm high, red to purple; Seeds 5.8-7.5 by 5.3-6.5 mm;


Asia-Tropical, Leyte present, NE Mindanao present, Samar present, central E Philippines endemic
Malesia: Endemic in the central E Philippines (Samar and Leyte up to NE Mindanao).


Typical for T. dubia, just like for T. macrocarpa, are the flowers and fruits which are larger than those of T. malayana. Unlike T. macrocarpa, T. dubia does not differ in the leaves from T. malayana. The differences noted by Merrill (1915), like different angle of the nerves, disc glands with a different shape, and no mucro on the connective, could not be confirmed. Contrary to what Merrill reported, the connective does show a long appendix, usually much longer than in most specimens of T. malayana. Trigonopleura dubia is kept separate because the differences in flower and fruit size are correlated with a disjunction in the distribution of the genus.


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