Macropanax concinnus

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Macropanax concinnus


Small tree, up to 15 m. Leaves dispersed along the shoots; Inflorescence a panicle of umbellules, minutely stellate-pubescent, with a stout rachis to 30 cm, and lateral (secondary) branches which terminate in umbellules; Petals c. 2 mm long. Ovary narrowly turbinate with distinct longitudinal ribs, c. 2 mm high. Fruit ovate, 8 by 4 mm, crowned by the persistent stylar column.


Asia-Tropical: Jawa (Jawa present)
Malesia: widespread in Java, but local and uncommon.


This species has sometimes been identified with M. undulatus (Wall. ex G. Don) Seem, from the Himalayan region, but that species differs in the more verticillate inflorescence branches, the large involucre around the umbellule, the hermaphrodite flowers more confined to the terminal umbellules, and the broader less prominently ribbed fruit. A considerable geographical gap separates the two species.
A specimen collected by Griffith labelled 'Malacca' is perhaps M. undulatus, but the locality may be incorrect.


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