Maniltoa browneoides

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Maniltoa browneoides


Tree 9-30 m high and 12-40 cm in diam.; buttresses 1 m high, 1 m wide and 3 cm thick. Leaves (2- or) 3- or 4-jugate; rachis 5.5-21 cm, puberulous, glabrescent; petiole 1-2 cm, rugose. Stipules only found together with the limp young leaves, 1.7-2.2 cm long, caducous, leaving no scars. Rachis of the inflorescence 14-25 mm, puberulous or pubescent, glabrescent; bracts 4-6 cm, sericeous, glabrescent; bracteoles 1.3-1.9 cm long, at c. 3 mm above the base of pedicel; pedicels 1.6-3.4 mm, puberulous, glabrescent. Sepals 13-18 mm, sometimes with a few hairs near the tip. Petals 11-19 mm long. Stamens 60-80; filaments 17-29 mm, connate over 2-4 mm at the base; anthers apiculate. Ovary 1.5-3 cm long, slightly to distinctly hairy; stipe 3-4 mm; style 15-17 mm. Fruits 2.2-2.5 by 1.2-1.3 by 1.1 cm, breaking off above the stipe.


Africa: Northern Provinces present, Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Central present, Digul present, Jayapura present
Malesia: New Guinea: Irian Jaya (Jayapura, Digul), Papua New Guinea (Central and Northern Provinces).


Cultivated specimens seen from Java, Kangean I., and N Sumatra.


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