Cyperus malaccensis

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Cyperus malaccensis


Perennial with stout stolons clothed with ovate, scarious, dark brown scales hardening into a woody rhizome. Inflorescence compound or subdecompound, usually broader than long, sometimes congested, up to 10 by 15 cm. Stamens 3;


Asia-Tropical: India present, Java not rare along the muddy north coast, on the south coast only in Besuki (E.) present, Mesopotamia present, Polynesia present, S. China present, eastern hemisphere present, northern Australia present
Widely spread in the eastern hemisphere, from Mesopotamia through India to S. China, Northern Australia, and Polynesia; throughout Malesia, in Java not rare along the muddy north coast, on the south coast only in Besuki (E.).


The stems are often used for tying purposes and for making mats, baskets, and hats; the manufacture of slippers of this material is carried on to a considerable extent in some towns of Bulacan Prov., Luzon (see BROWN, l.c.). In Pekalongan (Central Java) the stems are used by the fishermen; pieces of the stems are plaited in ropes which are brought into the sea. The fry, attracted by the stems, is caught and then planted in fish-ponds. See , fig.


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