Nageia vitiensis

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Nageia vitiensis


Tree, 12-43 m high, up to 50-130 cm diam. Bark smooth, peeling in thin plates. Leaves distichous, narrowed abruptly at the twisted base, broadly decurrent, linear-lanceolate to ovate, blunt, an indistinct rib marking the midvein on either surface, juvenile leaves up to 40 by 8 mm and consistently lanceolate, adult leaves 15-25 by 3-5 mm. Seed with its covering globular but elongated into a curved beak towards the micro-pylar end which lies close to the attachment of the seed to the fertile shoot, the other (distal) end with a small crest which may persist on the mature seed whose coat becomes deep red and fleshy when ripe. Seed itself blunt on the base, 13-16 mm long including the beak, 8-10 mm diam.


Asia-Tropical: Maluku (Maluku present); New Guinea present, Fiji Is present, Morotai present, New Britain present, Santa Cruz group present, Solomon Is present
Fiji Is., Solomon Is. (Santa Cruz group); in Malesia: throughout New Guinea (incl. New Britain) and the Moluccas (Morotai). .


In Fiji a valuable timber tree.


The stem is at the base sometimes recorded as fluted or spur-buttressed. HENTY (in sched.) found the leaves and bark aromatic.


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