Chamaecrista mimosoides

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Chamaecrista mimosoides


Herb with woody base or low shrub up to 1 m, erect or decumbent; branches appres- sed pubescent. Leaves with 20-80 pairs of leaflets, sensitive to touch; stipules linear, acute, 5-10 mm, persistent; petioles 3-10 mm, with a flat, discoid, sessile gland just below the lowest pair of leaflets; rachis serrate or crenate, crested along upper side, not canaliculate, sparsely pubescent, 3-10 cm. Flowers supra- axillary, mostly solitary, sometimes 2 or 3 together in a very short raceme; bracts like the stipules; bracteoles similar to the stipules but smaller; pedicels pubescent, 5-10 mm. Sepals lanceolate, 4-8 mm long. Petals bright yellow, obovate to orbicular, equal to or slightly longer than sepals, claw short. Stamens 10-7, filaments 1-2 mm, anthers straight, 2-4 mm, opening by apical pores. Ovary covered with stiff, appressed hairs; style glabrous, recurved; stigma flat, ciliate. Seeds 10-20, brown, smooth, flat, 4 by 2 mm.


Africa present, Malesian area present, continental SE Asia present, neotropics present, tropical Asia present
Origin probably in continental SE Asia; it is usually regarded as introduced in the Malesian area and in Africa, as well as in the neotropics. It is a very common species all over tropical Asia.


Widespread and polymorphous species not yet fully understood; we have not maintained De Wit's forma perennis as this is certainly only one of the several ecotypes.


Of little use; according to De Wit (l.c.) it has been tried as a green manure in tea plantations on Sumatra. Possible medicinal value is discussed by . See also


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