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Mostly succulents, occasionally with short stems, occasionally unbranched, glabrous, pubescent or glandular. Leaves spirally arranged and/or in a basal rosette, occasionally with axillary hairs. Flowers arranged in mostly terminal, occasionally axillary thyrsi (corymboid or not), glomeruli or dichasia, or solitary. Sepals glabrous, pubescent, spiny or glandular, occasionally with dentate, ciliate or glandular margin. Petals 5-7, persistent, twisted after anthesis. Stamens 3-∞, anthers linear to elliptic. Ovary superior; Fruit pyriform, globular, obpyriform or elleptic, 3-7-valved. Seeds at least occasionally without a caruncle,


Australasia, tropical and subtropical America
About 150 spp., native in tropical and subtropical America and Australia.


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