Schoenus setiformis

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Schoenus setiformis


Perennial with short rhizome occasionally sending out long slender stolons. Leaves shorter than the stems, setaceous, canaliculate, scaberulous at the apex; Inflorescence contracted, dense, almost capitate, 5-12 mm long and wide, consisting of 2-3 approxi- mate fascicles of branches, sometimes a fascicle of 1-3 branches 2-4 cm lower down. Stamens 3;


Asia-Tropical, Lake Habbema present, Mt Carstensz present, Mt Wilhelmina present, W. New Guinea present
Malesia: W. New Guinea (Mt Carstensz, Mt Wilhelmina, Lake Habbema).


Very similar in habit to some forms of S. apogon R. & S. (distributed from Australia and New Zealand to the Ryu Kyu Is. and Japan), but mainly differing by the quite smooth, brown (not scrobiculate, white) nuts.