Epilobium wallichianum

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Epilobium wallichianum


Erect perennial herb 15-50 cm, from a long rhizomatous base from which leafy shoots arise; Leaves opposite in lower half of the plant, alternate above, the margin and nerves densely strigulose, narrowly ovate or lanceolate, subacute at the apex, obtuse at the base, sharply and densely serrulate, 1.5-4 by 0.5-1.5 cm; Inflorescence densely strigulose with an admixture of glandular trichomes, somewhat nodding in bud. Sepals c. 5 by c. 2 mm, apiculate. Petals obovate, c. 8 by 3.5-4 mm, pale violet, the notch shallow, c. 1 mm deep. Capsule densely strigulose with an admixture of erect, glandular trichomes, erect, 5-9.5 cm long, on a pedicel 1-2 cm. Seeds 1.2 by 0.6 mm, coarsely papillose, dark brown, the coma 6-7 mm long, white, tinged with brown at the


Asia-Tropical, Central W. Sumatra present, Continental SE. Asia present, Mt Kerintji present, W. Nepal present, Yunnan, south to the Khasya & Naga Hills present
Continental SE. Asia (W. Nepal to Yunnan, south to the Khasya & Naga Hills), in Malesia: Central W. Sumatra (Mt Kerintji), one collection.


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