Weinmannia furfuracea

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Weinmannia furfuracea


Tree 16-45 m high, up to 60 cm dbh. Leaves imparipinnate with (1-)2-4 pairs of lateral leaflets; Stipules ± orbicular, recurved, up to c. 0.9 by 1.1 cm. Inflorescence 1 or 2 pairs of opposite dyads or tetrads, the apical bud between the central peduncles often continuing to grow vegetatively during flowering; Flowers bisexual; Capsule with valves 3-4 by 1.5 mm just prior to dehiscence;


Asia-Tropical: Sulawesi (Sulawesi present), Seram present
Malesia: Sulawesi and Seram


. Locally common.


The scurfy indumentum is distinctive and in the field the leaves are golden from below, becoming glaucous when old.