Carex cirrhulosa

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Carex cirrhulosa


Inflorescence a slender, compound panicle, continuous above, interrupted below, c. 18 cm long;


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), Cebu present
Malesia: Philippines (Cebu).


Only known from the type collection (Cuming 1764, collected in 1841), which is represented in BM and K by very defect specimens (rhizome, leaves and parts of the inflorescence missing), so that it is difficult to ascertain its status. Clarke considered it synonymous with C. fuire- noides Gaudich. from the Marianas, which is C. indica L. Nelmes supposed affinity with C. cryptostachys Brongn. and the species of sect. Lageniformes (Ohwi) Nelmes, wrongly as I think.


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