Tectaria impressa

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Tectaria impressa


short hairs present on both surfaces of costae and costules, also some on upper surface near margins;


Asia-Tropical: Sumatera (Sumatera present), Langkawi Is present, NE India present, Peninsular Thailand present, S China present
NE India&S China southwards to Peninsular Thailand; in Malesia known only from 2 collections, one from Langkawi Is. and one from Sumatra (type of Aspidium prominens, probably Pulau Weh).


Wallich cited 3 localities for his no 379: Amherst, Tavoy and Pertang. The Penang specimen in his herbarium at Kew is T. brachiata (Z. & M.) Morton. Ching's lectotype is unlocalized. A specimen of Wallich 379 from Tavoy in Herb. Hooker is a syntype of T. barberi (Hook.) Copel. Matthew collected other specimens on limestone on Pulau Weh in January 1912.


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