Lemna gibba

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Lemna gibba


Small floating aquatic. Ovary with 1 amphitropous ovule or 2-4 anatropous ones. Fruit symmetric, ellipsoid, with lateral wings, dorso-ventrally compressed, with 1-4 seeds. Seeds longitudinally ribbed.


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), temperate and tropical zones of the whole world present
Reported from the temperate and tropical zones of the whole world, but doubtless many records relate to other species.
The records from Malesia are doubtful; among the material studied not one specimen of L. gibba was found. The record from the Philippines, listed by DAUBS, no doubt refers to MERRILL'S Sp. Bl. 131, which is L. perpusilla. The Australian records of L. gibba probably must be referred to L. disperma HEGELM.


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