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Climbers or trailers, producing white or slightly off-white latex. Leaves opposite. Inflorescence terminal and/or axillary, often thyrsoid; Sepals with or without colleters in the axils. Stamens inserted at around the middle of the corolla tube, completely included within the tube, adnate to the style head; Fruit of paired follicles; Seeds unbeaked, narrowly ovate or linear, glabrous, with an apical coma.


Asia-Tropical, from India to Australia present
3 species from India to Australia; in Malesia 1 species.


Micrechites has been included in Ichnocarpus in much of the recent literature. However, recent molecular sequencing research has suggested that the two genera do not form a monophyletic group and, coupled with the previous morphological bases for their separation, there are good reasons to separate the two again.


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