Cyperus stenophyllus

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Cyperus stenophyllus


Perennial with short rhizome; Leaves weak to rather stiff, gradually acuminate, scabrid in the upper part, (1-)2-4 mm wide; Inflorescence simple, loose or more or less contracted, sometimes reduced to a single ray. Stamens 3;


Asia-Tropical: Maluku (Maluku present); New Guinea present; Philippines (Philippines present), Babar present, Lesser Sunda Is present, Luzon present, Melanesia present, Mindanao present, Palawan present, Panay present, Solomon Islands present, Sulu Is present, Ternate present, mainly in the eastern part present
Solomon Islands, Melanesia, in Malesia: Java (mainly in the eastern part), Lesser Sunda Is. (Babar), Philippines (Palawan, Luzon, Panay, Mindanao, Sulu Is.), Moluccas (Ternate), New Guinea.


Near to the Australian C. bowmannii F.v.M. ex BENTH., which differs by the slightly narrower spikelets, the lighter coloured basal sheaths, and the remote glumes.


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