Rinorea iliaspaiei

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Rinorea iliaspaiei


Branchlets straight, with short internodes and distinct leaf scars, bark greyish. Leaf blade coriaceous, to (10-)15-27 by (2-)3-6½ cm, widest somewhat above the middle, index (3.5-)3.8-5; Stipules rather adpressed, long-triangular, dull dark purple-brown, to 12-15 mm long (shorter on the smaller branchlets), base half-amplexicaul, more or less distinctly keeled and/or striate, initially with minute hairs, long persistent. Inflorescences axillary (sometimes the subtending leaf gone), axis single or branched, 2-3 cm long; Sepals rather unequal, the outer ones fleshy, 4 mm ø, outside with some adpressed hairs, the inner ones membranous, 6 by 5 mm, glabrous but ciliate at the top. Petals not very fleshy, rather concave, glabrous, 8 by 3 mm, top slightly cucullate. Ovary cylindrical, densely soft white hairy; Fruit (only known after dehiscence) with thick leathery valves 2½-3¾ cm long, wrinkled and, especially towards the top, with short soft patent hairs. Seeds 9 in number, obconical, 8 by 7 by 6 mm, with a circular depression at the place of insertion, evenly straw-coloured.


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present (Sarawak present)
Malesia: Borneo (Sarawak,4 collections).


Tree 2-4 m tall. Flower buds white, when open yellow with reddish white stamens. Ripe fruit green.
Close to R. longiracemosa (to which S 18905 and SF 35738 were reckoned in the Identification List; actually they belong here, like S 20935), and to R. macrantha; the differences have been pointed out in the Latin diagnosis.