Viola merrilliana

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Viola merrilliana


Perennial; Leaves ½-2½ by ½-1¾ cm, (1-)1¼ times as long as broad, ovate, with cordate base, and rounded basal lobes, acute, crenulate or crenate-serrate, especially on basal lobes, upper surface with hairy zone towards margin and glabrous in central portion, glabrous or sparsely pubescent on veins beneath; Stipules 3-6 by 1-1½ mm, the lower ovate-lanceolate, fimbrio-dentate, the upper lanceolate, dentate near base, all glabrous or sparsely pubescent, fuscous or greenish, adnate to petiole to ½ length or more. Flowers 10-15 mm, white or pale purple, with darker veins; Sepals 3-5 by 0.6-1.7 mm, lanceolate, acute, entire, glabrous; Petals 2-3 times as long as broad; Capsule 5-7 mm, oblong, glabrous.


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), Luzon present
Malesia: Philippines (Luzon). .


Distinguished from V. mearnsii by the distribution of hairs on its upper surface of the leaf, the narrower and deeper basal leaf sinus, the larger flowers, the entire sepals and the small rounded calycine appendages. V. merrilliana appears to be sympatric with V. rupicola on Mt Pulog but the latter species differs in its hairy petioles, completely hairy uppersides of the leaves, ciliate sepals and free or slightly adnate stipules.


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