Horsfieldia tuberculata var. tuberculata

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Horsfieldia tuberculata var. tuberculata


Fruits 1.5-2.5 by 1-1.5 cm;


Admiralty Is present, Asia-Tropical, Bismarck Arch present, Cape Vogel Peninsula present, Caroline Islands present, Palau I present, Papua New Guinea present, Papuan Is present, Solomon present
Solomon and possibly Caroline Islands (Palau I.); in Malesia: Papua New Guinea (Admiralty Is., Bismarck Arch., Papuan Is., Cape Vogel Peninsula).


1 The size of flowers and fruits is variable, especially on the Solomon Islands. 2 In some collections (e.g. from Cape Vogel Peninsula) the pedicels of the male flowers are slender, and only slightly tapering; such specimens may easily key out wrongly. They probably represent a separate taxon as yet insufficiently defined. In general, the male buds of H. tuberculata approach those of H. laevigata.


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