Tupistra grandis

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Tupistra grandis


Leaves few, surrounded by several sessile lanceolate scale-like leaves to 25(-40) cm long, elliptic or sublinear to oblanceolate, acute or acuminate, cuneate at the base; Inflorescence erect, 20-50 cm long when in flower, lengthening slightly in fruit, with up to 100 or more flowers, with a strong smell.


Asia-Tropical: Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present); Thailand (Thailand present), Karo Highlands present, Kelantan present, Langkawi present, N. Sumatra present, Pahang present, Perak present, Selangor present, Tapanuli Res present
Malesia: Malay Peninsula (Perak, Kelantan, Pahang, Selangor, Langkawi) and N. Sumatra (Tapanuli Res.: Karo Highlands); probably also in Thailand.


The Sumatran specimens tend to have longer spikes and larger flowers than the Malayan material. No characters have, however, been found on which to base taxonomic separation.


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