Maniltoa basifoliola

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Maniltoa basifoliola


Tree up to 30 m tall and 45 cm in diam. Leaves 2-jugate; rachis 3-15 cm and petiole 0.3- 1.5 cm, both glabrous; petiolules (0-)4-10 mm, glabrous. Inflorescences 1-4 in axils of leaves or leaf-scars, sessile, rachis 3-7 mm, glabrous, 10-20-flowered; bracts broad-ovate or -reniform, 5-8 mm long; bracteoles oblong-naviculiform or obovate-oblong, 3.5-7 mm long; pedicels 5-13 mm. Sepals oblong-ovate, 3-6 mm long, reflexed. Petals linear-spathulate, 5-8 mm long. Stamens 17-25; filaments 16-21 mm, very shortly connate at base. Ovary c. 4 mm long, glabrous, stipitate; stipe 1.2-6 mm; style at last ± straight, up to 15 mm. Fruits compressed oblong-ovoid or -ellipsoid, 9-10 by 4.2-5 cm, light brownish. Seeds oblong, slightly kidney-shaped, 6.5-6.7 by 2.1-2.9 cm.


Aru Islands present, Asia-Tropical, Jayapura present, Madang Provinces present, Vogelkop present, West Sepik present
Malesia: Aru Islands, Irian Jaya (Vogelkop and Jayapura), Papua New Guinea (West Sepik and Madang Provinces)