Pentapanax elegans

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Pentapanax elegans


Epiphytic scrambler or terrestrial shrub up to 10 m, with unarmed branches, leaf and flower buds separate, enclosed in ± persistent imbricated cataphylls. Leaves disposed along the branches; Inflorescence terminal with persistent cataphylls at the base of the main axis, umbels solitary or 1-4 smaller (apparently male) lateral umbels arising from the axils of minute bracts on the rachis; Ovary broadly obconic, surmounted by a stylar column, 2 mm long. Fruit globose, 3-4 mm ø, disk broadly conical, crowned by the persistent calyx lobes and an awl-shaped stylar column which may divide at apex.


Asia-Tropical: Thailand (Thailand present), E. Java present, Mts Ardjuno present, Tengger present
Malesia: E. Java (Mts Ardjuno and Tengger), the variety in Thailand.


A remarkably isolated species of a genus otherwise unrepresented in Malesia.


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