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Trees or large shrubs with copious white latex from all parts. Leaves opposite; Inflorescence with a very short peduncle and appearing as a fascicle; Sepals ovate; Stamens sessile or subsessile, adnate to the style head; Fruit of paired follicles, narrowly ellipsoid or cylindrical, lenticellate or not. Seeds consisting of seed grain and a long beak directed towards base of fruit and with a coma along the beak;


Asia-Tropical, Southeast Asia present
15 species in Southeast Asia and Malesia; in Malesia 14 species.


A number of species are poorly known and have not been collected since near the beginning of the 19th century and may well be extinct. The only non-Malesian species, K. macrophylla, has not been collected in Malesia but is known from Peninsular Thailand.


The wood of all species can be used for medium-heavy construction work but as the trees are generally not very large are more often used for household items. The latex is used medicinally against stomach disorders or worms. The flowers can be cooked and eaten.


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