Eleocharis sundaica

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Eleocharis sundaica


Perennial, with short rhizome and long-creeping stolons ending (always?) in tubers. Stamens 3.


Alor present, Asia-Tropical, Lesser Sunda Is present, Naumang present
Malesia: Lesser Sunda Is. (Alor, near Naumang).


Closely related to E. spiralis, from which it differs by the terete stems, the larger, not almost truncate glumes, the larger nut with the external cells oblong, the much stouter style-base, and the longer and firmer bristles. Apparently also close to E. brassii , from N. Australia and Queensland. Not seen; according to description and figure mainly differing by the much narrower, ovate glumes, the length of the bristles (4 about as long as the nut, 2 very small or absent), and the hexagonal epidermal cells of the nut in c. 20 vertical rows on either face.