Myristica crassipes subsp. crassipes

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Myristica crassipes subsp. crassipes


Leaves chartaceous. Fruits with (sub)persistent indumentum (but hairs minute!);


Asia-Tropical, Papua New Guinea present
Malesia: Papua New Guinea.


2 Jacobs 8818-B has detached fruits which may belong to M. crassipes, but they are larger, c. 6.5 cm long, and pointed at the apex, narrowed at the base. 1I have seen two duplicates of Carr 15509: that in K, with male flowers, easily keys out to M. crassipes (subsp. crassipes); that in L is vegetatively identical, but has male inflorescences without flowers and a 1-4 mm long peduncle ending in a worm-like brachyblast up to 20 mm. Therefore M. crassipes also keys out to species with stalked inflorescences, in particular M. fugax and M. sogeriensis. These species have similar male flowers, but are much more delicate in habit.


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