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Plants with a frond-form intermediate between P. granulosum and P. rhombeum, with pinnae of irregular shape;


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present)
Malesia: Philippines, widely.


These plants look like a hybrid swarm, which needs experimental cytotaxonomic in- vestigation. The type collection of P. granulosum includes a frond with one pinna dilated and deeply lobed at the apex, indicating perhaps a slight degree of hybridity. Both parent species have very similar indusia; the sporangia of P. granulosum have glands on sporangia, but the hybrids do not. I have regarded this as an important distinction.
The type of D. xiphioides is the only specimen seen in which no pinnae are dilated distally.


Copel. 1960: Fern Fl. Philip.: 349
Copel. 1960: Fern Fl. Philip.: 370