Macrococculus pomiferus

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Macrococculus pomiferus


Branchlets glabrous becoming rather pale and mottled. Leaves with glabrous petioles 3-10 cm, inserted at the basal margin of the lamina (or 1-2 mm from it); Inflorescences fasciculate, borne on protuberances on old wood.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, New Britain present, New Ireland present
Malesia: New Guinea (incl. New Britain, New Ireland).


BECCARI stated that the fruits are often eaten by cassowaries.


The fruits and infructescences described under Pycnarrhena ozantha DIELS in FORMAN, Kew Bull. 30 (1975) 98 belong toM. pomiferus, the specimen being a mixture with leaves of Pycnarrhena.


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