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Trees or treelets. Leaves spirally arranged or partly (the upper ones) subopposite, entire, appearing very finely pellucid-punctate against strong light, penninerved. Flowers bisexual, in terminal, rarely axillary cymes collected to corymbs, articulate with the short ebracteate pedicels. Petals 5, valvate in bud, linear-oblong, a little cohering at base, apex slightly inflexed, short-strigose without, villose or rarely almost glabrous within. Stamens 5, free, ± as long as the petals; Ovary symmetrical, hirsute, ovoid to subcorncal, tapering to a short stoutish or more slender, slightly elongate, hairy or glabrous (apparently slightly dimorphic) style; Seed 1, albuminous;


Asia-Temperate: Hainan (Hainan present), Asia-Tropical: Assam (Assam present); Thailand (Thailand present), Botel Tobago present, Burma present, Cambodge present, Ceylon present, Kôtyôsyo present, Lan Yu. I present, S. India present, SE. Asia present, SE. of Formosa present, SW. and Central China present, SW. to SE. China present, Tonkin present, Yaeyama group present
Four spp., 3 of which in S. India, Ceylon, Assam, Burma, Thailand, Cambodge, Tonkin, SW. to SE. China incl. also Hainan, on Lan Yu. I. (= Botel Tobago or Kôtyôsyo) SE. of Formosa, Ryu Kyu Is. (Yaeyama group); in Malesia 2 spp., of which N. nimmoniana has a wide distribution in SE. Asia, and N. montana is very close to N. pittosporoides (OLIV.) SLEUM. in SW. and Central China. .


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