Sindora sumatrana

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Sindora sumatrana


Tree. Leaves often 3-jugate; petiole up to 3 cm and rachis up to 9.5 cm long, puberulous when young, glabrescent, or glabrous. Stipules reniform, 4 by 12 mm, glabrous, caducous. Seeds 1 or more, situated almost in the centre part of the pod on top of a small aril, suborbicular, c. 1 cm in diam., black.


Asia-Tropical, Lepar Is. present, Palembang present
Malesia: Sumatra (Palembang), Bangka (Lepar Is.).


Cultivated in Java: Bawean Is.

The resinous wood oil is used in mixtures (with Oleum Dempel) for caulking boats. The fruits are exported and sold as medicine. The timber is locally abundant and used for furniture. See


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