Anacolosa papuana

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Anacolosa papuana


Small tree, occasionally up to 15 m; Branchlets glabrous, minutely lenti-cellate. Leaves oblong to oblong-elliptic, apex shortly acuminate, tip acute or bluntish, base cuneate, firmly membranaceous to subcoriaceous, dark green above, lighter below when fresh, becoming dull and brown in the dry state, glabrous, more or less densely and finely tubercled and wrinkled on both faces though mainly beneath in dry specimens, pellu-cid-punctulate against strong light, variable in size even in the same specimen, (8-) 10-26 by (3-) 4-7 (-10) cm; Flowers 2-8 per sessile cluster, the latter on small woody scaly warts or tubercles, or on top of cylindrical woody axes (2-3, rarely -6 mm); Petals (5-) 6 (-7), lanceolate, acute, fused in the lower part, thickish, white or cream, bearded at base of free part, glabrous below, 2-3 (rarely -4) by c. 1 mm. Stamens 5-7; Ovary ovoid, glabrous; Seed 1.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Bougainville present, San Cristobal present, Solomon Is present
Malesia: New Guinea, Solomon Is. (Bougainville to San Cristobal).


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